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Life Floor has developed a diverse array of color, textures, and shape options. Life Floor is available in over 30 colors, two textures, and four standard shapes with custom cutting possibilities. AquaticPads has partnered with Life Floor to provide a "re-engineered" landing pad. Our pads are designed to meet the safety and quality standards of today’s most challenging aquatic conditions. Our landing pads will never absorb water and will remain slip-resistant even when submerged underwater.

Quick and easy installation! SlidePad® is adhered to the pool's surface and requires NO BOLTS, SCREWS OR FASTENERS.
Safety messaging tiles can be integrated into any installation. They are fully customizable and can be as simple as “No Running” signs or as complex as branded graphics or slide tower instructions. Depth markers and all safety messaging tiles are made of precision cut Life Floor.

Depth markers are made with the same high-performing material as the rest of Life Floor's tiles. Letters, numbers, and graphics are never painted on. Instead, they are cut from Life Floor and inlaid into tiles, ensuring that messaging will last the full lifetime of Life Floor's product.